Where can you find Lauren?

Lauren Petrowski is always staying busy, whether she’s spending time with family, out at an event or cooking up something special.


Public Speaker

Lauren has spoken at and emceed dozens of events.  Most recently she hosted the James Beard Foundation Taste America Austin dinner and fundraiser.

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Lauren has an online following of over 25,000 people. She loves to post about her family, friends and fun outings in Austin.

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Lauren is a former TV News Anchor and Reporter. She is very involved in her community and well-known in Central Texas.

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Cooking Demo

Lauren has used her platform to indulge in one of her passions; cooking & eating! She has interviewed hundreds of Chefs and Restaurateurs and led cooking demos on TV and online.


Followers Online



Constantly Craving?

Cheese!  Creamy, sharp, salty, firm, soft, stinky, blue..she loves it all!

Perfect Day?

Beach day with the family 

Lauren went to school?

Lauren is originally from Phoenix, then attended the University of Texas at Austin.

On the weekendS Where can you find lauren?

Exploring Austin with her family and enjoying the restaurant scene.

Favorite TV show right now?

Any documentary series and anxiously awaiting the final season of Game of Thrones.